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If you would like to sign up to SimpleChat, you need to follow these instructions carefully. SimpleChat does NOT sell SMSes, but makes use of a service offered by Clickatell. Clickatell will take care of the billing and SimpleChat will take care of allowing you to send SMS messages. We will first register a Clickatell account and then register a SimpleChat account.

1) Click here to open up the Clickatell website in a new window.

2) From the top menu tabs of the Clickatell website, click on 'SMS Connect'.

3) From the top submenu click on HTTP/S.

4) Click on 'Register for HTTP'.

5) Fill in all 3 steps.

6) When you're ready, you should be logged in to the Clickatell website and you should receive an SMS with an activation code. When you do, click on the activate links to activate your account.

7) When you're activated, click on 'Product Control' on the side.

8) Then click HTTP/S.

9) For the product name use SimpleChat, IP Lock Down and Dial Prefix leave empty, and for Callback Url put in http://wwww.simplechat.net/callback.php

10) Click submit and take note of the API ID that you were assigned.

There you go, you have successfully registered with Clickatell! To purchase SMS credits, you will need to log in to your Clickatell account and use their ordering system.

Now you will need to register with SimpleChat to make use of your Clickatell account. Fill in the form below to do so. It is recommended that you have different a different username and password for SimpleChat than the ones you used for Clickatell, for better security.

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SimpleChat Username:
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Clickatell Username:
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